AKVIS ArtSuite

AKVIS ArtSuite 4.0

ArtSuite is an impressing collection of artistic effects and frames for decoration of photos
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AKVIS ArtSuite is a collection of effects and frames for decoration of photos.
Apply effects or add frames to your photos. Decorate pictures with ArtSuite!

There are two Effect groups: Photo Frames let you generate a frame for your photo; Artistic Effects allow experimenting with photos (colors, surface, etc).

Photo frames samples that come with ArtSuite can be easily tailored to your particular photo. Select a color for the frame; choose its form, its style, brightness, and the intensity of the applied edge effect.
Create your own unique frames. You can use any picture as a pattern to generate an original photo frame.

With artistic effects you can convert a photo into a black and white image and add a color shade to it (for example, sepia effect), replace colors on an image, add a texture so that the image looks like drawn on a canvas, wall, corrugated paper or other surfaces, the Glamour effect that conceals skin defects, reduces small wrinkles and makes the model look perfect.

ArtSuite is available in two editions: as an independent application (standalone edition) and as a plug-in to a photo editor. The plug-in is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and other image editors.

Try the program during the trial period - 10 days free of charge.

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